Tuesday, March 11, 2008

playin' ball

Several of you have asked us whether or not Isaiah will be able to play ball this Spring as hoped. Despite his multiple compression fractures, his back alignment is good. So we're cautiously moving forward. I'm coaching his t-ball team (the Dodgers...sweet); we've had about 6 practices so far and our first game is Thursday, March 20. Thanks to all Isaiah's friends, especially the Gray boys, for praying for strength to play ball.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Isaiah will be able to play t-ball. I have great memories of growing up playing t-ball. I hope that you both have a blast together! Scott Ritter

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! That's awesome, Isaiah! Have a blast and we look forward to coming out to see you play!

Jae, (and my mom and dad!)

Tami said...


The boys are still sleeping this morning, but I'm SOOO excited to show them these pictures when they get up! You look great, buddy... like a TRUE dodger! Let us know when you have a game schedule, and we'll come watch you play! We'll continue praying for your safety as you PLAY BALL!!



Tami said...

what's up Isaiah?
I'm so glad you're in baseball.
Maybe we can play catch some

Hey Isaiah
I see you're playing baseball. I will still be praying so you're safe colby

hope you're having fun in baseball. caleb

Jennifer said...

Back in the day ... I played Little League (with all boys!) and was the starting pitcher. I idolized Sandy Koufax of the old time Dodgers ... so I send my youthful energy to your team and will pray for lots of sunny days to Play Ball!

Anonymous said...

Some of my happiest memories are those of watching our boys play t-ball! Have a wonderful time! Go Isaiah!
Don & La Dona

Michelle Coder said...

How exciting! You look good out there on the field, Isaiah. Have fun!

Love Michelle

Kathy said...

This is it. Get the cameras ready...
This is the big day. Go Dodgers! Go Isaiah! We're pretending to be in the stands cheering and chewing dodger dogs. Be sure to post the stats. We love baseball and we love you!
Bill and Kathy

Unknown said...

As much as it hurts me to see the little man in Dodger Blue, we are all beyond stoked that he was able to play. And a couple of hits?

Is there anything he can't do?