Thursday, March 20, 2008

first game

Isaiah really enjoyed his first game tonight. He got a couple solid hits. We were all so honored by all our friends from Emmaus and family who came out to cheer him on. You guys know how to show the love!


mamapierce said...

I am so glad that you get to play ball Isaiah. That was something that I was really praying for. Great job on the hits kiddo! I knew you were going to be a great base ball player.

Anonymous said...

You look so handsome in your uniform! Great job! We look forward to seeing you play!

Cara, Patrick and Jae

birdinflight said...

Terrific! Way to go on the hits. How great is it to play baseball! That's my favorite sport too.

A Blessed Easter to you, Isaiah, and your lovely family.

The Coders

Anonymous said...

Wow....great to know you are hitting that ball Isaiah!!!! We want to wish your family a blessed Easter. We continue to pray and walk beside you. We send much love from San Diego. The Dease family XXX

Tami said...


WOW... what a handsome baseball player you are! Sorry we weren't at your first game, but we will be in those stands at another game, okay? It's tricky since Lucas has to be at his practices too. :0) We're so glad that you're out there having fun and hitting that ball though... and we pray everyday for your safety as you play.


The Grays