Sunday, December 12, 2010

merry christmas from the oates family

So grateful...

+ Isaiah completed 1155 days of chemotherapy on July 30.  We celebrated with 150 friends and family at the city pool!  More at

+ Sienna and Nathan celebrated her 10th birthday by traveling with others from our community to Nicaragua.

+ Matthias brings much life and disaster to our home.  At 15 months he’s determined, sometimes-sweet, and into everything!

+ Carmen and Nathan celebrate 15 years of marriage on December 16th and occasionally speak whole sentences to one another before being interrupted.

+ We continue to love sharing life and discovering Jesus with our church community.  Emmaus turned 5 this year.


Annelies said...

Merry Christmas sweet family....and we happily and anxiously await the birth of Meghan and Dustin's sweet baby boy. We hold and hug our sweet Granddaughter Clare ALL the time.....what a blessing.
Sending love to all the Oates Family.
Anne and Jim

Cyn said...

Merry Christmas!! What a great picture of you all! It is so wonderful to hear that everyone is healthy and happy! May 2011 be another year of great adventure for you all!

Anonymous said...
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