Sunday, October 24, 2010

catching up!


Thanks for visiting.  I fear I've lost your faithful companionship via this blog in this recent five weeks of silence.  It's by far the longest I've gone without posting since May, 2007.

The truth is I've felt a surprising need to put this discipline down for a while.  The constant pressure of Isaiah's health served as a strong motivator to blog.  We were so aware of our need for support and wanted to keep those of you who pray for Isaiah posted and up-to-date.

Now that this long season of treatment is done, we've all appreciated simply moving on - thinking, writing, and doing new things.  Last week, Isaiah had his first doctor appointment in 6 weeks!  Six!

We're planning to publish this 3.5 year blog as a book for ourselves and, perhaps, some interested family members.  I'm considering starting a new Oates family blog as a way to share some of the wonderful experiences we're having in this season.  Maybe we'll just join Facebook.  But probably NOT!

We'll keep you posted and, for at least the near future, will keep this site online and active.

Some recent fun:

Sienna and Isaiah spent a few days with their grandparents at Disneyland (but they were, apparently, too busy to take any pictures!)

We just rearranged the kids' room which included building a hanging bed for Isaiah.  He's loving it.

The project included a trip to IKEA:

 Much peace!


Cyn said...

I TOTALLY get stepping away and enjoying your success!! Joining Facebook would be GREAT, but I would settle for a new blog. You are so right, this chapter really is done and as much as I love keeping track of you all, I am not surprised when there is no new post.
The bed looks amazing-what a treat for I!! Disneyland with no pictures? So unfair!
I look forward to finding you 'somewhere' and encourage you to really consider facebook. :)

Anonymous said...

Penny said...How wonderful for you to be able to move forward. I'd love to keep up with you on a new family blog. It just seems like the next step to letting go of the long journey. We've all been touched by watching God work through your family. Blessings on this new year!