Monday, September 6, 2010

parties and doctors

We had a great weekend which included three parties.  I felt like I hardly saw Isaiah.  He was mostly off running/riding/swimming around with his friends.  He crashed hard at 9, but seems to have had a wonderful weekend.  

While standing in front of the family calendar in the hall tonight Carmen reported, "We have a doctor's appointment every day this week!"  It's true.  Time to take a number and get used to waiting rooms.  Isaiah's at Sutter for a blood check Wednesday.  Carmen and I are at UC Davis Friday to meet with the psychologists about the results of Isaiah's "CIA testing."  

Here's a video Isaiah shot of Matthias.  It's cute, but it may give you motion sickness!

Enjoy the week!


Annelies said...

Send that baby over here.....I can always use a cheerful worker to help keep the house tidy!!! Hugs to all XXXX

Cyn said...

I had wondered how Carmen kept the floors so sparkly clean!
Here's hoping you don't have to spend too much time in the waiting rooms!

gbeidler said...

I loved, "and here's my mom. makin' the best of it, trying to make hot chocolate from scratch." keeping it real Isaiah. You are so funny to me. much love. gb