Wednesday, June 16, 2010

last spinal tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our LAST scheduled fast and our LAST scheduled spinal tap!  Isaiah is so excited.  He's feeling such a sense of accomplishment (and, probably, relief).  Every 12 weeks for the last 3 years he's gone through this fasting, waiting, spinal tap, feeling dizzy all day routine.  This will be so good to have behind us.   

We'll be fasting with joy and thanksgiving tomorrow.  


Cyn said...

The last one! That is awesome! I, you are such a trooper and have handled all of this with such strength and courage!
I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Penny said..He inspires me to do hard things in my life. I always think of Isaiah when I think of brave people.

Jan Macpherson said...

Strong and Courageous that's what you've been. Such a warrior. I love you kiddo!