Thursday, April 22, 2010

end of april!

We've had a good two weeks since the last update.  Highlights include the Bandits' continuing dominance on the little league diamond!  We won our tenth-straight game Monday night.  It was our closest yet.  We outscored the RiverCats by just one run.  Isaiah collected four hits including a home run.  He was delighted.  


Today we went to the clinic for a blood check and chemo.  His counts are strong.  We're celebrating a whole year since our last hospital admission and are counting down to being done with treatment.   We've only got a short time left to request a "Make a Wish" experience.  Isaiah is trying hard to think of just the right thing.  

Isaiah is also really enjoying his drum lessons.  It's remarkable how well he's doing.  His drum teacher gave us a recording today of Isaiah drumming to the song "Little Drummer Boy."  

Our lives continue to radically affected by #3.  Whether cracking us up or waking us up, Matthias' presence is a force to be recognized.  

Thanks for checking-in with us!  More pictures soon!


Cyn said...

A home run? And I missed it?! Way to go I!! Ciera just got her first home run last weekend.
Can you believe it's been a whole year? Fantastic!
I'm sure coming up with just the right wish is tough-I bet he's got a doozy of a brain storming list though.
It's always interesting how the family dynamics change with the addition of each new family member.
What has Sienna baked this week?

Cody Marie Bolton said...

WHOO!! Nice job in little league!! (Soon it will be school league, then college, and before you know it, Superman: MLB!!) So glad to hear all your counts are strong! WHOO!! Praise be to God!

Auntie Angie said...

Matthi looks like royalty in that big bed!