Wednesday, March 17, 2010

batting average

Today, while sitting in the waiting room at the clinic,  I explained the concept of a batting average to Isaiah for the first time.  That has to be one of the top 5 classic dad/son conversations.  I remember learning the concept from my dad.  My only hesitation was the concern that in introducing the idea I was somehow robbing him of something of the simple joy he finds in baseball.  But he's beginning to notice and keep track of details much more this year, so I think, ultimately, it will be fun for him.

After two games he's batting .600.

I'm sure you were wondering.  I might just toss that out occasionally this season.

In other news...  His counts are way up at 2700 today.  Next week we've got a spinal tap - it's either our last or second-to-last, depending on how they treat the last month of treatment (July).  Can hardly believe we're using the word "last" in reference to his treatment.

Here are some of the great pictures Isaiah's godfather, Steve, took during a recent Sunday afternoon snow shoeing trip.

Thanks for checking-in!


Cyn said...

Just an average 'Sunday snoeshoeing trip'. Looked like a beautiful day!

Way to go I-don't know much about batting averages, but I'm pretty sure that's a great one!

There was a point where we had to tell Ciera we were no longer keeping track of any of her stats-she quickly found us out and decided to just ignore our information. Logan on the other hand LOVES to hear all of his stats (basketball) and is consistently updating his. I'm thinking I will like it, a lot!

It was great to see you both out throwing last week!

Stay strong I!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Nate, that batting average story makes me smile! I hope that he has a healthy season again! God bless - Scott Ritter ~~

Rob Huff said...

Have you taught him yet that "stealing" a base is a good thing? You never twice about these common phrases until you have to explain them to your child. Thanks for sharing Nate.

The Beidler's said...

From a math teacher's perspective this is a great concept to develop early. Although when you are in a slump, the ability to calculate a low average is depressing, it is a vicious cycle.

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