Thursday, February 18, 2010

counts up

Went to the clinic yesterday... Isaiah's counts are back up to 1800 (from 200 the week before).  This also means we're back on chemo at 50%.  He's feeling good.  Check back soon for a surprise!


Annelies said...

Never patient enough for post SOON!!! Glad to hear the counts are up. Great reason to smile today. Hugs to the family. XXX

Unknown said...

So Glad to hear Isaiah's counts are up! And can't wait to hear about the surprise!

Cody Marie Bolton said...


It is SO awesome to hear that you are doing SO MUCH BETTER!

Keep the faith! God Bless you little man!

Cody Marie

Cyn said...

A surprise? I can hardly wait!!

So good to hear his numbers are looking better!

Megan said...

Sheesh! I have checked back several times. I hate suspense :P I am very glad to hear that counts are up. Isaiah, you are a rock star!

-Megan Vail