Friday, January 22, 2010

fight in the shade

From Isaiah: 

I've just been doing school work this last week.  I'm doing history right now.  I'm studying the Persians and the Greeks.  The Persians said, "We will shoot so many arrows at you that they will block out the sun."  And the Spartans said, "Then we will fight in the shade."

The Spartan women would tell their husbands, "Come back with your shield or on it."  

One of the Greek cities was called Marathon.  One guy ran to tell his people that they won a battle against the Persians.  He died of exhaustion.  So at the Olympics they would do a 26 mile race and they called it the Marathon.

Well there you have it.  

On another note, here's a pic of Isaiah and Sienna wrestling with my college roommate, Pick.

Here are some recent pics of Matthias:


Cyn said...

Those are definitely blue eyes-where did they come from?

Love the wrestling!!

Cody Marie Bolton said...

Such a cute baby and addition to your family!! The blue eyes are beautiful!