Monday, October 19, 2009

silly craziness

We engaged in all manner of hilarity with the computer tonight! (It will probably take a while to get to bed now.)

We've got a regular blood test and check in Wednesday, followed by a dermatology appointment to try to figure out a persistent rash which has been bothering Isaiah. He feels pretty good most of the time. (Mom and Dad are running on empty - not enough sleep!)


Cyn said...

Ciera loves messing around with the camera like that. It's always so easy to get everyone wound up before bed.

Hope he continues to feel strong.

I would be more than willing to take the kids out or stay with them for a bit so you all can get a nap in if you ever want to schedule a nap.

Nathan said...

You're awesome, Cyn. Thanks! We may call you!

little peeps said...

"You are all weirdos" - Muppets Take Manhattan

Rob said...

Wow that is amazing projection coming out of your nostril. Required a big tissue? Sorry about the sleep N and C. Hi to my Star Wars buddy and Sienna too! Keep on!