Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 teeth in 3 days

Isaiah is feeling fine. Low blood counts don't typically affect the way he feels. We're feeding him lots of iron and good supplements and praying for his immune system to be strong. We go back to the clinic on Wednesday.

He's lost 2 teeth in the last 3 days, leaving a significant hole in his grill. The top one came out when his sister yanked a water bottle out of his mouth; the lower we pulled out this afternoon because "it was time." Here's his note he stuck under his pillow (I think he must have dictated it to his sister).


Cyn said...

Yay for missing teeth!! The note is adorable, hope the tooth fairy was good to him!

Cody Marie Bolton said...

I wish I could lose teeth again to make more money!! Save it Isaiah! You're smile is even cuter now!!