Sunday, August 23, 2009

august = birthmonth

The kids are both doing great. They started school this week. They're both home schooling again this year.

Both had fun birthday celebrations which seemed to stretch on far beyond the actual day. We were so thankful for many phone calls from friends and family. And with 4 or 5 other family birthdays in August, we've been eating a whole lot of cake!

All is well. Thanks for checking-in!


Annelies said...

What a beautiful family....with MUCH to celebrate. It was good to be with you and Carmen this weekend. I find myself unable to express to you how much it means and how blessed we are to have both of you in our lives. I am always humbled to listen to you teach and Carmen thanks for the time we shared and for your kindness in listening. You touched my heart and I am grateful. XXX Anne Dease

Cyn said...

What a great family shot and I love the one of the kids sleeping!
Happy Birthday to everyone!!