Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are in Chicago!  

We drove to the airport via the
 oncology clinic yesterday
 morning.  We did not have a "plan B" and were just hoping Isaiah's blood counts would be high enough
 to get the green light.  Gratefully, he's in good shape and we're beginning the longest break we've had in over 10 years!

We're staying with our great friend Janet in downtown Chicago, just two blocks from the lake front and Grant Park.  Hope to walk to the Field Museum today.  

We'll be sending out pictures this week at www.twitter.com/nathanoates.


Cyn said...

Couldn't you just facebook like everyone else? :)

CHICAGO! Have a great trip and take lots of pictures. We'll be visiting through you all-Logan says we don't need to go see anywhere as long as we can see it on the internet.

Yay for Carmen's baby bump!! She looks amazing!

Hope everyone continues to do well!

Anonymous said...

have a great time -- love the baby bump picture! madge :)