Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mild fever

Isaiah has had a low fever since last night.  We had a scheduled doctor's appointment today, which was good.  His counts were high enough that we didn't have to be admitted.  We were very grateful for that.  They're doing a blood culture to check for possible infections.

Though he slept most of yesterday afternoon, he did not want to miss his game.  He was not quite himself, but still collected three hits and made an out at second base.  It was a slugfest: we tied the Lugnuts 19 to 19 :).

Thanks for praying for our boy.


Cyn said...

19 to 19! Thanks for updating the schedule, we should be able to make a May game!
Hope he's feeling better soon and that it's not too serious.
He's always in our thoughts!

Auntie Angie said...

Hope you feel better soon Isaiah bear. We miss you and sissy, I hope to see you very soon! Ethan sends kisses!

Bella Boo said...

3 hits. WOW! that must have been some game. I hope you get better soon. I will come and see you soon.

Love you,