Friday, February 6, 2009

a little better

The little man had another rough night last night - he was back in the tub and awake a lot.  But this morning (it is the morning, right?) he seems remarkably better and the itching is gone.  I just asked him if he was itching at all.  He said, "Not at all.  I just feel like a normal person."  

A couple days ago, I was admiring his ability to deal with all the appointments, pills, chugs, etc.  He responded by confiding, "I have some secrets."  

"What are your secrets?"

"I think three things: focus, strong and courageous, and Jesus.  I just think that over and over and

Isaiah with cousin Eathan


Cyn said...

I can only imagine the man he will grow into! You must both be so proud of him every single day!
Thank goodness the itchies are now gone-hopefully you can all get some rest tonight!

molly lilja said...

Praying that you all have a good, and normal person type of weekend.

the Liljas

Anonymous said...

Just like his Dad, his faith will get him through. He seems like such a strong little boy. I just found this website through Rob's and have been keeping an eye on it to see how things are going. You and your family are in our prayers.


Jill (Huff) and Dave

Amber said...

Strong and Courageous indeed!

Blessings to your family,
The Maier Family

Kafkas said...

Hi Isaiah,

I hope that you are feeling even better today! I can't wait to see you guys next week. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Penny said...
I realized when Isaiah said he thinks on 3 things: focus, strong and courageous and Jesus; that he is a marathoner. He is applying a good runner process to his health run. I look forward to seeing him run marathons someday. Let us all apply his 3 things to our everyday life runs as we move through our lives with Jesus.

little peeps said...

I have a secret too...I love you. Oops, now it's not secret. You knew that anyway, didn't you? In case you didn't I'll say it again, I LOVE YOU ISAIAH NATHAN!

Franks Family said...

Hi Isaiah! Thanks for your encouraging words! Your three words reminded me that we must focus on Jesus daily to keep us strong no matter what comes our way! In ALL our ways, look to Him, and He WILL make our path straigt!!!! I'm praying for you and I thank Jesus for you Isaiah.
Thanks to your mom and dad for keeping us all posted on how you are doing. Tell sister hi for me too. What a blessing you all are. Hope to see you soon.
Dar, Barry, and Christian