Friday, December 5, 2008

accessed sillyness

Our appointment Wednesday lasted a while and we got pretty bored. Next up: 3 hour MRI Monday morning to check on Isaiah's fractured vertebrae. He's feeling good. We're going to play Star Wars! Thanks for checking up on Isaiah!


Cyn said...

3 hours? Oh the patience that little boy has! It's wonderful to see him smiling though and I hope you hear nothing but good results!
We're going for Coldstone on the 9th.

mamapierce said...

I loving seeing those silly pictures. They make me smile. We are always thinking about you.

molly lilja said...

Oh I love your super attitude about
having to wait!!! Drew is getting his tonsils out tomorrow and has to fast all day.... he is not happy about that at all. However, he said, Isaiah has to do this, so I can do it this once. Thank you for encouraging him.
The Liljas