Wednesday, August 6, 2008

he's six!

Isaiah had a full, fun day with lots of visitors, the surprise arrival of his cousins, and dinner with family. Check out the Tatooine cake made by Carmen! Celebrating six years of life and an amazing little boy! Peace to you.


mollyllilja said...

WOW Really REALLY cool cake Isaiah! Happy Birthday. We are praying for your stomach aches.
The Lilja family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy. The cake was amazing! (Good job Carm)
The Henning

sarah hornacek said...

happy birthday isaiah! that cake is super awesome!! you have one cool mom, but i'm sure you already know that :)
love, the hornaceks

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH!! So glad that you had a good day! We love you and will be praying that your stomach will start feeling better!
The Unfried's

Mike Beidler said...

Now, that's a birthday cake!!! My mom made me a Jawa Sandcrawler birthday cake when I was 8. Very cool.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISAIAH!!! May the Force be with you!

(Uncle) Mike

Amber said...

Happy birthday, Isaiah! It looks like you had a well deserved great birthday! I am so glad!!! I hope you felt so loved and appreciated by all of those around you! Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and encouragement to myself and so many others!

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah,
I am watching Return of the Jedi tonight and eating your birthday cake. It's awesome. I hope you are having fun in Alabama.

Meghan said...

Hi Isaiah,
Dustin and I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope that you're sixth year is the best one yet! Love to the whole family!
Meghan and Dustin Hein

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah! We all love your birthday cake, especially Christian - our big Star Wars fan! Christian is excited to see you again and play with the light sabers. We also loved your Disneyland pictures. Did you enjoy the Jedi Training? We continue to pray for you daily.
Christian, Kaylee, Patti & Steve Veninga

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a great birthday.
Much to celebrate!

The Ferraras