Monday, September 24, 2007

Luke becomes a Jedi

Today we felt the power of all your prayers as Isaiah handled a very long day of fasting with grace and determination. Because of all the chemotherapy involved, he went "last in line" today for his spinal tap. This was hard but allowed him to sleep and recover in the same room where his spinal tap took place. He woke up groggy and frustrated but also hungry and thirsty enough to sit up and replenish his body with some green tea, an almond butter and honey sandwich and... a surprise whole wheat, ginger snap cookie made with love by Angela Henning!

Despite a queasy afternoon, Isaiah ate dinner and finished the evening off with some good light-saber time against daddy. His smile, "sass" and wild pony nature emerged the winners against the challenges of the day. Though we cannot see what is happening on the inside of his body, we praise God for signs of life and healing on the "outside."

Praise Him with us and continue to pray for a healthy heart and body.


Michelle Coder said...

Isaiah, I'm so glad to hear you are up and wild ponying around so quickly. I wish I could get in on a bit of that light saber action. I'm pretty good with a sword.

Pray is powerful. I continue to lift you and your sweet family up to the Lord in pray every day, Isaiah. Your courage is an inspiration!

Much love,


Cody Marie Bolton said...

Hey Isaiah, you are an amazing child. So mature and so brave! God Bless and try to have a wonderful week, (I know you will).
Many blessings, love and peace of mind,
Cody Bolton

Unknown said...

Hey Isaiah, it's great to see you playing Jedi! Glad to hear that you got to eat Ginger snaps...they are the best!

hugs and continued prayers,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Anonymous said...

We're always checking in on you as you are continually on our hearts and minds. We continue to love you and pray for you Isaiah!

Your friends,
Travis, Kim, Mackenna, Kate and Bailey Marshall

little peeps said...

We check your blog and pray for you every day. Maicee and Brianne have especially asked God to help you feel good even though you are taking alot of medicine. Out of the blue Maicee asked a friend of ours today at church if they knew "my cousin Isaiah". She thinks of you every day and wears her Isaiah bracelet on her ankle. She likes to turn it over and practice copying the letters of your name on paper. Just know that we all love you so much and pray God's love and peace dwells within you. You are being super strong and we're proud of you.
love Aunt Kait, Uncle Mike, Brianne, Maicee and Josiah

Tami said...


You are being prayed for by our family too! We all love your smile and the attitude with which you handle these hard days of not feeling the way you want to feel. God is holding your hand, big guy... just remember that. We will be praying specifically for your heart and your overall strength. You are an amazing boy, Isaiah. :0)

Love and hugs,

Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

Annelies said...

Hi Isaiah,
Know we are praying for you and your very sweet heart that it remain strong and courageous. You are such a part of our prayer lives....and a day doesn't go by that we don't think of you and praise God for you and your family. Tell your Dad that we were at Wheaton College last week....and had a picnic in the park. I thought of all of you and my prayer was that you were enjoying Fall days and that you are strengthened to know we hold you close to our heart. Hugs from San Diego.....