Wednesday, May 30, 2007

so...what's next?

We’re learning as we go… On Friday or Saturday (June 2 or 3) Isaiah will have another bone marrow draw to determine how the Leukemia cells are responding to the chemo. The benchmark we’re praying for is less than 5% leukemia cells. This would be a very positive sign that the chemo is working and would open the door for us to go home sometime later that week.

The final piece (of this phase) is on day 29 when they will test for microscopic residue of leukemia. If he has none, he will be declared “in remission.” Further treatment would continue for the next 2.5 – 3 years. If he is not in remission by day 29, we slide into a category of much more intense treatment with more intense side effects. Please pray for our son’s body to respond quickly. Please pray for protection and healing in his major organs and for God’s merciful protection from the numerous serious side-effects. Please also pray as he begins to receive platelets and blood infusions – it feels very strange to have other people’s blood going into our son’s body. We feel burdened to pray specifically during these infusions and will send out text messages to alert some of you when he’s receiving blood. Please pray and pass these on.

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Victoria said...

Hi Nate,

Selim and I will keep you and Carmen and Isaiah and Sienna in our prayers. This is a very tough journey but you are never alone - that Joshua verse 1:9 sustained me through my own leukemia experience. When I signed on to your blog today, and saw that verse, I immediately felt some strength, courage and peace. I'm so glad you have this blog - it will be enormously helpful to you, your family and community. Hold fast and choose hope- Tarissa and Josh have our contact info and know that we will do anything we can to help. For now, we pray with you for Isaiah's good response to treatment. Warmly, Vicki and Selim